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   1   Procedure for Changing Names of Public Streets
   2   Annexation of Territories to the City
   3   City Issued Subpoenas for Investigations and Proceedings
   3.1   Appeals and Protests
   4   Petroleum Administration
   5   Reports Rules
   6   [Public Works Improvements]
   7   Procedures for Declaring Certain Abandoned Wrecked, Dismantled or Inoperative Vehicles to Be Public Nuisance and for Providing for Abatement and Removal Thereof
   10   Procedure for the Removal of Illegal Signs
   12   Payment of Special Rewards
   13   Scheduling of Public Ceremonies
   14   Approval of Historical Property Contracts
   15   Foreign Consulate Identification Cards
   16   Bureau of Engineering Fees
   17   Urban Agriculture Incentive Zone Contracts