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Sec. 1014.  Special Reassignments.
   (a)   Reassignment Without Examination.  In addition to and notwithstanding the provisions of Section 1015, the board may by its rules provide for status and seniority for civil service employees in classes other than those for which they were examined, where:
   (1)   an employee is incapable of performing satisfactorily the duties of his or her position because of injury, sickness or disability; or
   (2)   an employee has completed a probationary period in the City service.
   (b)   Requirements for Reassignment.  Any rules adopted by the board pursuant to this section shall provide that:
   (1)   no employee may be placed in a different class without first receiving the employee’s written consent to the reassignment;
   (2)   no change of class status may be allowed if it would result in a promotion;
   (3)   no employee may be placed in a different class unless the employee possesses the minimum qualifications required for the class and the capability of performing the required duties;
   (4)   no employee who is placed in a different class pursuant to the provisions of this section may be credited with more seniority than accumulated in the employee’s former class.