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Sec. 1013.  Temporary Appointment.
   (a)   Length of Appointment.  To prevent stoppage of public business or to meet extraordinary exigencies, any appointing authority may make temporary appointments to classified positions in accordance with civil service rules that the board shall prescribe.  The board shall have the power to authorize such temporary appointments until an eligible list is established, but for no longer than one year.
   (b)   Termination.  Any temporary appointment shall terminate immediately when a regular appointment can be made unless the board finds that for a specified period it is necessary that the temporary employee remain to orient or train the new regular appointee.
   (c)   Temporary and Intermittent Appointments.  The civil service rules shall provide for the tenure of persons appointed from a register of eligibles to positions determined by the board to be temporary or intermittent in character.  Any rules adopted pursuant to this subsection shall provide that when appointment is made to a position determined to be temporary or intermittent, the provisions of Section 1011 with respect to period of probation and completion of appointment shall not apply.
Amended by:  Subsec. (a), Charter Amendment Q § 5, approved March 8, 2011, effective April 8, 2011.