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Sec. 1008.  Register of Eligible Candidates.
   The general manager of the Personnel Department shall prepare a register for each class of position in the classified civil service of the persons whose general average standing upon examination for the class is not less than the minimum fixed by the civil service rules, and who are otherwise eligible.  These persons shall be listed in the register as candidates in the order of their relative excellence, as determined by their examination without reference to the date of examination.  The board may prescribe a minimum score in the written portion of any examination, including credit for past service in examinations for promotion, and may exclude from subsequent portions of the examination any candidate who fails to attain the minimum score.
   The board may, by its rules, provide for the extension of the life of an eligible list and may delegate to the general manager of the Personnel Department the authority to extend the life of an eligible list for entry-level positions in accordance with the civil service rules.