General Provisions
   111.001   Construction of words and phrases
   111.002   License required
Liquor License Classifications
   111.015   Classes of licenses; annual license fees
License Requirements
   111.030   Application for license; false statements in application
   111.031   Minimum eligibility requirements for license
   111.032   Liability and dram shop insurance policy to accompany application
   111.033   Payment of license fee upon making applications; fees and insurance policies returned to applicants if license denied
   111.034   Consideration of applications and hearings
   111.035   Granting or denying license
   111.036   License period
   111.037   Posting of licenses
   111.038   Suspension and revocation of licenses
   111.039   Transferability of licenses
   111.040   Proration of fees; fees to be retained by city if license revoked and the like
   111.041   City Clerk to notify Liquor Control Director of issuance of on-sale and Sunday licenses and any later change in status
   111.042   City Clerk to notify Liquor Control Director of issuance of off-sale licenses
   111.043   Liquor exemption; on-sale
   111.044   Liquor exemption; off-sale
   111.045   Restriction of sales by clubs and veterans organizations
Hours and Days of Sale
   111.060   Hours and days of sale
Persons Under the Age of 21 Years
   111.075   Persons under the age of 21 years
   111.076   Sales to persons under the age of 21 years and others after notice
Licensed Premises
   111.090   Toilet facilities required on a licensed premises
   111.091   Licensee responsible for conduct of business, acts of employees and the like
   111.092   Gambling prohibited; adult uses prohibited
   111.093   Premises open for inspection
   111.105   Disposition of license fees
   111.106   Condition to issuance of license