112.01   State license required to engage in business of master or journeyman plumber
   112.02   City license required to do plumbing work in connection with city water supply system
   112.03   Required compliance with State Building Code and State Plumbing Code; exceptions; conflicts
   112.04   Plumbing Inspector; office created; qualifications; powers and duties
   112.05   Plumbing Inspector; restrictions on Inspector and Assistant Inspectors
   112.06   Work for which permit required
   112.07   Application for permit; plans and specifications; granting of permit
   112.08   Additional regulations may be provided by resolution of City Council; permit and inspection fees
   112.09   Inspections and certificates; duties of permit holders
   112.10   Connection and disconnection of installations
   112.11   Appeals from decisions of Plumbing Inspector
   112.12   Liability for damages
   112.13   Conflicts with state codes