Water Service
   52.01   Application for connection of premises to city water system
   52.02   Connection permit required; connection to comply with rules and regulations governing
   52.03   Connection to city water system for fire purposes only
   52.04   Persons authorized to make connections
   52.05   Plumber to report connections made by him or her
   52.06   Expenses and costs of making connections
   52.07   Turning on of water to premises prohibited until service contract signed by customer and any required deposit has been made
   52.08   Customers not to supply water to others except by city permission
   52.09   Responsibility of customers for proper maintenance and use of service pipes and the like
   52.10   Rates
   52.11   Violations of chapter by plumbers may cause revocation of license
   52.12   Notice and turn-off fee prior to discontinuance of service
   52.13   Effect of street construction
Water Shortages
   52.25   Purpose
   52.26   Determination
   52.27   Notification
   52.99   Penalty