General Provisions
   51.001   Policy
   51.002   Definitions
   51.003   Sale of water to private parties or other governmental entities who are not members of the system
   51.004   Fire protection; additional fire hydrants
   51.005   Water restriction
Water Service
   51.015   Water service; generally
   51.016   Permits for water service
   51.017   Connections
   51.018   Service lines
   51.019   Curb stop boxes
   51.020   Service size
   51.021   Tap size
   51.022   Corporate stops
   51.023   Location of taps when more than one required
   51.024   Depth
   51.025   To run parallel or at right angles to street
   51.026   Inspection
   51.027   Repair and replacement
   51.028   Disconnecting old lines
   51.029   Turning on, off and interfering with valves, stopcocks and the like
   51.030   Turn on/off procedures
   51.031   Right of Water Department to shut off service
   51.032   Abnormal demand
   51.033   Restrictions of use of water
   51.034   Discontinuance of service
   51.035   Taking of water from fire hydrants
   51.036   Cross-connections
   51.037   Use of electrical devices to thaw frozen lines
   51.038   Responsibilities of persons doing street work relative to valve boxes, curb boxes and the like
   51.039   Access to premises
   51.040   Denial of city liability
   51.041   Easements
   51.055   All new water services metered
   51.056   One meter to each service; auxiliary meters
   51.057   Determination of size
   51.058   Water meter location
   51.059   Accessibility
   51.060   Bypasses
   51.061   Check valve between meter and boiler
   51.062   Installation and removal
   51.063   Remote reading device
   51.064   Testing
   51.065   Notice of breakage or stoppage
   51.066   Notice of removal
   51.067   Breaking seal, bypassing and the like
Water Service Charges
   51.080   Water use charges
   51.081   Billing generally
   51.082   Billing when meter not read
   51.083   Adjustments of bill in case of leaks
   51.084   Failure to pay
   51.085   Shut-off policy for new accounts
   51.086   Rates
   51.087   Tap fees