381.01   Definitions.
381.02   Flashing lights prohibited; exceptions.
381.03   Siren prohibited; exceptions.
381.04   Child operators prohibited.
381.05   Reckless operation.
381.06   Marking of bathing and vessel areas.
381.07   Mooring prohibited in certain areas.
381.08   Operating under influence of alcohol, drugs prohibited.
381.09   Operation after notice from Chief of Division of  Watercraft.
381.10   Incapacitated operators prohibited.
381.11   Water skiing confined to ski zones.
381.12   Observer required when towing skier.
381.13   Water skiing after dark prohibited.
381.14   No more than two skiers may be towed simultaneously.
381.15   Personal flotation device required for skiers.
381.16   Ski jumps prohibited.
381.17   Permit for special water events.
381.18   Sale of single celled inflatable vessels prohibited.
381.19   Sitting, standing, walking on moving vessels restricted.
381.20   Engine warm-up required.
381.21   Children under ten must wear appropriate size personal  flotation device.
381.22   Specifications for personal flotation devices.
381.23   Distress signals.
381.24   Anchor; whistle required; exception.
381.25   Specification for fire extinguishers.
381.26   Backfire arresting device required.
381.27   Ventilation required on powercraft.
381.28   Abandonment, removal, storage and reclamation of junk vessel or outboard motor.
381.29   Exhaust muffler required.
381.30   Safety equipment on rental vessels.
381.31   Capacity plate.
381.32   Dwellings; sanitary systems.
381.33   Prima-facie evidence of negligence.
381.34   Numbering.
381.35   Altering of serial numbers; false information prohibited.
381.36   Accident reports.
381.37   Tampering with aid to navigation.
381.38   Transfers; Ohio R.C. certificate of title required; exceptions.
381.39   Manufacturer’s or importer’s certificates.
381.40   Prohibitions re certificates of title.
381.41   Enforcement.
381.99   Penalty.
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