(a)   Council shall provide for the care, supervision, control and improvement of public highways, streets, avenues, alleys, sidewalks, public grounds, bridges, aqueducts and viaducts within the City. The Director of Public Works shall have supervision of these matters in accordance with Section 123.03.
   (b)   When it deems it necessary, Council may cause any street, alley or public highway to be opened, straightened, altered, diverted, narrowed or widened.  No street or alley dedicated to public use by the proprietor of ground in the City shall be deemed a public street or alley, or under the care or control of Council unless the dedication is accepted and confirmed by an ordinance passed for such purpose.
   (c)   Council, when vacating any street or part of street or changing the name of any street, may include in one ordinance the change of name or the vacation or narrowing of more than one street, avenue, or alley, but before vacating any street or part thereof, or narrowing any street, Council shall first adopt a resolution declaring its intention so to do. The Clerk of Council shall cause notice of such declaration to be served in the manner that the service of summons is required to be made upon all persons whose property abuts upon the part of the street affected by the proposed vacation or narrowing, and by publication on the official website of the City. That notice shall state the time and place when objections can be heard before the Board of Revision of Assessments. Upon the report of the Board of Revision of Assessments approving the proposed vacation or narrowing Council may by ordinance declare such vacation or narrowing, and such order of Council vacating or narrowing a street or alley which has been dedicated to public use by the proprietor shall, to the extent to which it is vacated or narrowed, operate as a revocation of the acceptance thereof by Council, but the right of way and easement therein of any lot owner shall not be impaired thereby. 
(Ord. 5-18.  Passed 6-18-2018.)