The Director of the Department of Public Works shall:
   (a)   Have charge of the construction, improvement, repair and maintenance, including engineering and inspection in connection therewith, of streets and other public highways, sidewalks, wharves, docks, and landings; sewers, drains, ditches, culverts, canals, streams, watercourses and harbors; public buildings; the water works; parks, playgrounds, boulevards, cemeteries, squares and other public places and grounds belonging to the City or dedicated to public use;
   (b)   Manage and control any public markets, sewage disposal plants, and all public utilities of the City supported in part or in whole by taxation and shall enforce all the obligations of privately owned or operated public utilities enforceable by the City; and
   (c)   Have charge of the making and preservation of all surveys, maps, plans, drawings and estimates for any public work; the cleaning, sprinkling and lighting of streets and public places; the collection and disposal of waste; the preservation of contracts, papers, tools and appliances belonging to the City and pertaining to the functions of the department.
      (Ord. 38-17.  Passed 6-18-2018.)