General Provisions and Definitions
   35.01   Applicability of subchapter
   35.02   Definitions
   35.03   Liberal construction of powers
   35.04   Nonsupersession of powers of Sheriff
   35.05   Nonsupersession of other powers
Organization and Administration
   35.20   Emergency Management Advisory Council
   35.21   Organization of the Emergency Management Department
   35.22   Director of Emergency Management
   35.23   General powers and duties of Director
   35.24   Deputy Director
   35.25   Powers and duties of Commissioners
   35.26   Emergency management volunteers
   35.27   Personnel
   35.28   Budget and finance
   35.29   Comprehensive emergency management plan
   35.30   Countywide emergency management
Emergency Powers, Regulations, and Procedures
   35.40   Applicability of subchapter
   35.41   Pre-disaster responsibilities
   35.42   Special emergency powers and duties of principal executive officer
   35.43   Emergency meeting of Commissioners
   35.44   Special emergency powers in absence of Board quorum
   35.45   Special emergency powers and duties of Commissioners
   35.46   Special emergency powers and duties of Director
   35.47   Designation of local travel advisory
   35.48   Duties of county officers and employees during an emergency
   35.49   Priorities of emergency orders, rules, and regulations
   35.50   Violations; enforcement
Construction of Chapter; Effect
   35.60   Construction of chapter
   35.99   Penalty