The powers and duties of the Commissioners pertaining to emergency management in times of normal county operation are to:
   (A)   Maintain general supervision and knowledge of the planning and administration for the Department of Emergency Management;
   (B)   Adopt the comprehensive emergency management plan for the county;
   (C)   Coordinate the emergency management activities and make assignments of emergency management duties to county forces in order to meet situations not covered in the normal duties and powers of such agencies. In addition, the Commissioners may take all necessary action to conduct tests of the emergency management plans. Emergency management tests may be conducted at any time with or without prior notification. All emergency tests conducted within the boundaries of the county shall be coordinated with the Department of Emergency Management, the County Sheriff’s Department, and the County Public Safety Communications Center; and
   (D)   Perform all other powers and duties reserved or assigned to them under this chapter and under I.C. 10-14-3.
(Ord. 2014-5, passed 4-21-2014)