General Provisions
   153.001   Title
   153.002   Construction of chapter
   153.003   Definitions
   153.004 through 153.014   Reserved
Zoning Districts
   153.015   Establishment of Districts
   153.016   Map
   153.017   Changes in map
   153.018 through 153.029   Reserved
General Requirements and Provisions for All Districts
Part A. General Matters
   153.030   Certain general requirements
   153.031   Roomers and boarders prohibited
   153.032   Special uses
   153.033   Permitted obstructions in yards
   153.034   Fences
   153.035   Antennas and antenna support structures
   153.036   Accessory uses and structures
   153.037   Temporary uses
   153.038   Wind energy systems (WES)
   153.039    Adult-use cannabis business establishments prohibited
   153.040 through 153.044   Reserved
Part B. Kenilworth Sign Code
   153.045   Statement of purpose and intent
   153.046   Title and scope
   153.047   Compliance required
   153.048   Definitions
   153.049   Signs exempt from requirement to obtain building permit and certificate of appropriateness
   153.050   Prohibited signs in all zoning districts
   153.051   General regulations and standards for allowed signs in all zoning districts
   153.052   Regulations and standards for permanent allowed signs in the “B” Business District
   153.053   Regulations and standards for allowed signs in all districts other than the “B” Business District
   153.054   Application for building permit and certificate of appropriateness
   153.055   Administrative sign permits
   153.056   Request for variation
   153.057   Nonconforming signs
   153.058   Review of permanent signs
   153.059   Sign maintenance
   153.060   Administration and enforcement; violations
   153.061 through 153.064   Reserved
Residential District Regulations
   153.065   Permitted and special uses
   153.066   Lot area and lot width
   153.067   Maximum height of buildings
   153.068   Maximum size; maximum lot coverage
   153.069   Minimum size of principal building
   153.070   Minimum yard requirements
   153.071 through 153.074   Reserved
Supplemental Regulations Applicable to All Residential Districts
   153.075   Visibility at intersections
   153.076   Location of accessory structures on lot
   153.077   Exceptions to height regulations
   153.078   Structures to have access
   153.079   Location of private swimming pools
   153.080   Parking and storage of vehicles
   153.081   Parking or storage of commercial and recreational equipment
   153.082   Air conditioning equipment and appurtenances
   153.083   Solar panels
   153.084   Air-supported and similar structures
   153.085   Electrical and telephone equipment
   153.086   Electrical generators
   153.087 through 153.094   Reserved
B Business District Regulations
   153.095   Permitted and special uses in B Business District
   153.096   Maximum height
   153.097   Minimum yard requirements
   153.098   Restrictions on permitted and special uses
   153.099   Visibility at intersections
   153.100 through 153.109   Reserved
S School District Regulations
   153.110   Permitted uses
   153.111   Maximum height of buildings
   153.112   Minimum yard requirements
   153.113 through 153.124   Reserved
P Park and Playground District
   153.125   Permitted uses
   153.126 through 153.139   Reserved
M-1 Mahoney Park District
   153.140   Permitted uses
   153.141 through 153.154   Reserved
M-2 Municipal Lands District
   153.155   Permitted uses
   153.156   Extensions of uses; new uses
   153.157 through 153.169   Reserved
R Railway Right-of-Way, Parkway and Automobile Parking District
   153.170   Permitted uses
   153.171 through 153.184   Reserved
Off-Street Automobile Parking Requirements
   153.185   General statement of requirements
   153.186   Restrictions
   153.187   Parking areas and driveways
   153.188   Collective provisions; control
   153.189   Size; improvements; screening; signs
   153.190   Repair work
   153.191   Requirements of size, access and marking of spaces
   153.192   Schedule of parking requirements
   153.193 through 153.204   Reserved
Nonconforming Lots, Structures and Uses
   153.205   Intent
   153.206   Nonconforming lot in residence district
   153.207   Nonconforming uses of land
   153.208   Nonconforming structures used for a permitted use
   153.209   Nonconforming uses of structures or of structures and land in combination
   153.210   Repairs and maintenance
   153.211   Uses permitted as special uses not nonconforming uses
   153.212 through 153.224   Reserved
Administration and Enforcement: Building Permits and Certificates of Compliance
   153.225   Administration and enforcement
   153.226   Certificate of compliance
   153.227   Construction and use to be as provided in applications, plans, permits and certificates of compliance
   153.228 through 153.239   Reserved
Zoning Administration, Applications and Procedures
   153.240   Jurisdiction
   153.241   Architectural Review Commission
   153.242   Certificates of appropriateness
   153.243   Appeals
   153.244   Variations
   153.245   Special uses
   153.246   Planned unit developments
   153.247   Application requirements
   153.248   Successive applications
   153.249   Notice requirements
   153.250 through 153.259   Reserved
Appeals From the Board of Appeals
   153.260   Who may appeal
   153.261 through 153.274   Reserved
Duties of Administrative Official, and of Board of Appeals and Board of Trustees on Matters of Appeal
   153.275   Procedures as to questions of interpretation and enforcement
   153.276   Duties of Board of Trustees
   153.277 through 153.289   Reserved
Schedule of Fees, Charges and Expenses
   153.290   Establishment of schedule of fees; payment required
   153.291   Recoverable costs
   153.292   Fee payment and escrow
   153.293   Condition of all applications, approvals and permits; time periods
   153.294   Specified public bodies exempt
   153.295 through 153.304   Reserved
   153.305   Amendments of chapter
   153.306 through 153.319   Reserved
Provisions of Chapter Declared to be Minimum Requirements
   153.320   Provisions are minimum requirements
   153.321 through 153.334   Reserved
Complaints Regarding Violations
   153.335   Handling of complaints of violations of chapter
   153.999   Penalty
   Appendix A: Appearance Plan
   Appendix B: Zoning maps
   Appendix C: Kenilworth Design Guidelines—Business District