The Village of Kenilworth was founded in 1890 by Mr. Joseph Sears to provide suburban home sites with city conveniences. The name “Kenilworth” and the names of most of the original streets in the village, were taken from Sir Walter Scott’s novel, Kenilworth.
   Mr. Joseph Sears guarded the early development of the village by subdividing the area into large lots and by inserting rigid restrictions in all deeds, many of which restrictions have since been incorporated in the Kenilworth zoning regulations. All village functions were carried on by the Kenilworth Company, which Mr. Sears controlled, until February 4, 1896, when the community was incorporated as a village. At that time the village was confined to the area east of the Chicago and North Western Railway. The portion of Kenilworth west of the railway was annexed to the village in 1920 to prevent it from possible industrial and commercial use, and with the adoption of the Zoning Ordinance in 1923, it has developed into one of the finest residential neighborhoods on the North Shore.
   The Village Manager plan of government was adopted in 1920, and the village has continuously operated under that plan since, enabling the village to gratuitously receive the benefit of high qualified people to serve as its officers and trustees.
   The water supply system, previously under private ownership, was purchased by the village in 1925, and a modern pumping and filtering plant was completed in 1928 and has since been substantially increased in capacity. Prior to 1929, fire protection was furnished by a local volunteer fire department. Commencing in 1929, fire protection has  been furnished by contract with the Fire Department of the adjoining Village of Winnetka. The Police Department has increased from one chief, one patrol officer and one police officer for night duty in 1921, to its present force. Equipped with motorized equipment and a modern two-way radio system interconnected with adjoining North Shore Villages, it is one of the best Police Departments for its size in the Chicago area.
   Today the Village of Kenilworth is recognized as one of the finest residential communities in the country.
(1959 Code, Preface)