General Provisions
   151.001   Definitions
   151.002   Adoption of Florida Building Code
Construction of City Buildings
   151.010   Green building construction
   151.020   Application of regulations; what constitutes contractor
   151.021   Exemptions
   151.022   Unlawful acts or omissions
   151.023   Requirements before engaging in work
   151.024   Local business tax receipt classifications
   151.025   Bond
   151.026   Application procedure for local business tax receipt
   151.027   Examination procedure
   151.028   Issuance of certificate of occupancy
   151.029   Expiration; renewal
   151.030   Annual local business tax; proration
   151.031   Nontransferable; nonrefundable
   151.032   Display
   151.033   Report of changes in business affecting local business tax receipt
   151.034   Procedure when representation of the holder of the local business tax receipt is disqualified
   151.035   Revocation, suspension of local business tax receipt
Contractors' Qualifying Boards
   151.050   Building Contractors' Qualifying Board
   151.051   Electrical Contractors' Qualifying Board
   151.052   Plumbing and Gas Contractors' Qualifying Board
   151.053   Mechanical Contractors' Qualifying Board
   151.054   Organization, procedures of boards
   151.055   Investigations of complaints
   151.056   Hearings
   151.057   Appeals
   151.058   (Reserved)
Excavating, Filling Land for Building Placement
   151.075   Scope of regulations
   151.076   Subchapter to be construed as minimum requirements only
   151.077   Filling where existing material is satisfactory
   151.078   Unsatisfactory material; excavation and replacement of fill
   151.079   Adoption of drawings by reference
Excavations Other Than for Building or Fence Placement
   151.100   Scope of regulations; definition
   151.101   Permit required
   151.102   Application for permits; required plans and surveys
   151.103   Performance bond
   151.104   Liability insurance
   151.105   Zoning limitations
   151.106   Prohibited locations
   151.107   Warning signs; watchmen
   151.108   Excavation requirements and standards
   151.109   Filling of excavation; permit and fee
   151.110   Enforcement by Building Official
Air Conditioning
   151.120   Reserved
   151.121   Reserved
Building Safety Inspection Program
   151.123   Building
   151.124   Rooftop photovoltaic solar systems
Building Permits; Fees
   151.130   Permit required; exceptions
   151.131   Permit, bond, and inspection fees to be paid
   151.132   Premises permit fee
   151.133   Service charges
   151.134   Plans processing fees
   151.135   Building permit fee schedule
   151.136   Temporary sales model permit fees
   151.137   Refund of fees
   151.138   Waiver, rebate of fees
Mandatory Green Building Practices
   151.150   Definitions
   151.151   Residential green building practices
   151.152   Commercial green building practices
   151.153   Residential and commercial green building practices (approved for either category)
   151.154   Installation of electric vehicle-charging infrastructure required
   151.155   Single-family dwellings and duplexes
   151.156   Small non-residential structures
   151.157   Maximum number of unlisted innovative green building practices approved by Building Official for single-family dwellings, duplexes and small non- residential structures
   151.158   Large developments
   151.159   Applicability
   151.160   Superiority of Florida Building Code
   151.175   Adoption of specifications; tables
Moving Buildings
   151.180   Regulations for moving buildings
Unsafe Buildings
   151.200   Demolition
   151.201   Charges if demolition performed by city; lien
   151.202   Occupancy of posted unsafe structure prohibited
   151.203   Abatement of historic buildings or buildings in historic districts
Administration and Enforcement
   151.225   Enforcement by designated city officials
   151.999   Penalty
   Appendix:   Official design and construction standards for fences