36.01   [Reserved]
   36.02   [Reserved]
   36.03   Approval by Legislative Council required
Purchasing Procedures
   36.10   Purchase of supplies, materials, etc.
   36.11   Requisition to bear written approval
   36.12   Expenditures
   36.13   Exemptions
   36.14   Competitive bidding may be waived
   36.15   Record to be kept
   36.16   Emergency purchases by purchasing agent
   36.17   Emergency purchases by other than purchasing agent
   36.18   Definitions
   36.19   Cooperative purchasing plans
   36.20   Control of warehouse or stockroom
   36.21   Issuance of rules and regulations
Greater New Haven Transit District
   36.25   Intent; legislative authority
   36.26   Powers
   36.27   Board of directors
   36.28   Period of effectiveness; withdrawal from district
   36.29   Obligations or commitments by town
Probate Court
   36.35   Established
Lost Property
   36.40   Statutory provisions relative to lost property adopted
Exemptions from Property Tax
   36.45   Exemption for totally disabled persons
   36.46   Exemption for motor vehicles specially equipped for disabled veterans
   36.47   Exemption for blind persons
   36.48   Exemption for veterans and spouses
   36.49   Exemption for certain ambulance-type motor vehicles and property owned by a nonprofit ambulance company
   36.50   Exemption of property acquired by religious organizations
   36.51     Exemption for properties using alternative sources of energy
   36.52     Waiver of property tax under five
Commission on Disabilities
   36.60   Title
   36.61   Definitions
   36.62   Findings
   36.63   Establishment of Commission
   36.64   Commission's organization
   36.65   Powers and duties
   36.66   Personnel and services authorized by Commission
Schedule of Fees
   36.80   Fees for engineering services