The Commission shall perform all duties necessary to effectuate this subchapter, including the following:
   (A)   To seek to reduce both physical and attitudinal barriers confronting persons with disabilities.
   (B)   To establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with public and private agencies serving town people with disabilities.
   (C)   To study and investigate individual or community problems which limit the rights of persons with disabilities or otherwise restrict their opportunities in employment, housing, economic status, recreation, education, health, transportation and similar pursuits.
   (D)   To issue reports and publications on its studies, research and investigations to promote public awareness and understanding of disabled problems and needs.
   (E)   To receive complaints and grievances of persons or groups with disabilities.  The Commission may review, investigate, conciliate and/or refer such complaints or grievances to appropriate town, state and federal agencies or take other appropriate action within the scope of its powers.
   (F)   To work with federal, state, and local agencies as well as private, civic, religious, business, industrial, labor and other organizations, groups and persons to foster the development of programs and services that address the needs of persons with disabilities and increase opportunities and to enable persons with disabilities to live with maximum independence and enhance to quality of life of persons with disabilities.
   (G)   To promote cooperative program planning and development among service providers in order to improve and expand the delivery of services to the town's disabled.
   (H)   To conduct public forums to ascertain the views of the disabled in developing program objectives and setting service priorities to address the needs of the disabled and to raise the public awareness of the concerns of the disabled.
   (I)   To encourage the commitment of public and private resources to meet the needs of persons with disabilities.
   (J)   To increase advocacy for the disabled.
   (K)   To monitor, assess, and conduct periodic evaluations of programs and services funded through the town for their particular effect on persons with disabilities.
   (L)   To establish policy and procedures for the department of services for persons with disabilities.
   (M)   To offer policy recommendations to  the mayor and Legislative Council and advise on matters which may strengthen the town's ability to respond to the varied needs of persons with disabilities.
   (N)   The Commission shall submit an annual report of its activities to the Mayor and the Legislative Council during the month of March.
(Ord. 323, passed 9-8-92)