(a)   All portable signs are prohibited with the exception of A-frame signs as provided for in this section for commercial premises located in the Central Business District as defined in Section 1135.12.
   (b)   See Section 1145.02(s) for definition of “portable sign”.
   (c)   Applications for A-frame sign permits shall be submitted, at no cost to the applicant, on prescribed forms to the Building Division.
   (d)   If the A-frame sign permit is approved, the Building Division will issue an A-frame sign permit.
   (e)   A business may display one A-frame sign, except in multi-tenant buildings. A commercial building with multiple tenants shall be permitted one (1) A-frame sign per frontage along a public sidewalk. The A-frame sign shall be exempted from the requirements for permanent signage.
   (f)   A-frame signs shall meet the following requirements:
      (1)   The sign shall be located directly in front of the building containing the business that the sign advertises.
      (2)   The sign shall not impede or obstruct pedestrian or vehicular traffic.
         A.   There shall be a minimum of four feet of open space free of all obstructions, including but not limited to the A-frame sign, sidewalk furnishings, street trees, trash receptacles, bike racks, fire hydrants, and lamp posts.
         B.   A-frame signs shall not have moving parts, projections, lighting or any attention-grabber devices attached to them, including but not limited to streamers and balloons.
         C.   A-frame signs shall be stable. If necessary, the sign shall be braced to prevent collapse or toppling. If the City determines that an approved sign is unstable, the City may remove the sign without notice to the owner.
         D.   A-frame signs may be displayed on the sidewalk only during the hours when the business that the sign advertises is open. When the business is closed, the holder of the A-frame sign permit is responsible for removing the sign from the sidewalk.
         E.   A-frame signs shall have a maximum height of forty-two inches and a minimum height of twenty-four inches. The maximum width of all A-frame signs shall be thirty-six inches.
         F.   A-frame signs shall have two equally sized panels consisting of fixed-copy, chalkboard or a combination thereof. Panels shall be completely contained within the sign frame. Fixed-copy panels and text shall be consistent with the Historical Preservations Area (HPA) color palette. Panels shall be constructed of weather resistant material.
         G.   The sign frame shall be constructed of metal, finished black and designed to be compatible and appropriate with other street furnishings located within the public right-of-way. The frame shall provide stable contact with the sidewalk. A-frame signs shall not have wheels.
(Ord. C85-01.  Passed 12-3-01; Ord. C58-05. Passed 7-5-05; Ord. C96-16.  Passed 1-3-17.)