1145.23   BANNERS.
   Banners shall be permitted only as public or semi-public signs for churches, schools, community or other public or semi-public (such as the Chamber of Commerce, Civic Club, registered nonprofit agencies) buildings or events, not to exceed forty (40) square feet. Banners may not be used by privately held companies or publicly held corporations, except as provided for in Section 1145.14(e). Permissible banners may be erected for not more than thirty (30) days per calendar year. Banners displaying personal messages, such as birthday, births, retirement, graduation, or other personal messages may be erected on private residential parcels for not more than fifteen (15) days in one calendar year.
(Ord. C85-01.  Passed 12-3-01; Ord. C58-05. Passed 7-5-05.)