The Director of Parks and Recreation shall be the administrative head of the Department under the immediate supervision of the Administrative Assistant. Except where otherwise expressly provided, the Director shall organize, direct, supervise and provide for the operation, maintenance and improvement of City-owned or operated parks or recreational facilities together with a program of recreation for the citizens of the City; make all rules, regulations and policies for the government of the Department and such regulations for the use of City-owned park lands and recreation facilities as are not inconsistent with the express provisions of these Codified Ordinances. The rules and regulations established by the Director shall be published and copies thereof provided to all employees of the Department and made available to the public. The Director shall report to Council annually, and at such other times as Council requires, with respect to the operation of the Department. He shall attend meetings of the Park Board, unless excused therefrom and report to the Park Board such information as it requires with respect to the operation of the Department. He may employ such persons needed to direct, supervise, promote or maintain parks and/or recreational facilities and vest them with the duties and responsibilities as he deems necessary.
(Ord. C85-73. Passed 11-5-73.)