Pursuant to the provisions of the Charter, the Administrative Assistant shall serve as the full time administrative head of all City operations. For this purpose the titles of Administrative Assistant, City Administrator and Administrator are deemed synonymous. The Administrative Assistant shall be charged with all administrative authority and responsibility as set forth in the Charter and shall assume, subject to delegation by the Mayor or Council and unless otherwise designated or revoked, all such optional delegations of authority from the Mayor and Council as elicited in the Charter, including, but not limited to, the designation as Director of Personnel with the right and duty of appointment, suspension and discharge of all City employees consistent with the Charter provisions, civil service law, subsequent ordinances and resolutions supplementing, amending or abridging this authority; the designation as City Purchasing Agent with all rights and responsibilities of such office not inconsistent with Charter provisions; and the designation of the Administrative Advisory Officer, without vote, to all City boards and commissions, whether they be of permanent or temporary status. Nothing in this chapter shall be interpreted or construed to preclude the designation of the Administrative Assistant to further positions or offices, including the right to serve as head of other departments, without compensation, within the framework of the Charter.
(Ord. C42-76. Passed 5-3-76.)