As used in this chapter:
   (a)   “Animal or animals” means and includes, but is not limited to, quadrupeds, birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians, crustaceans, mollusks and insects.
   (b)   “City-owned property” means any real property and public parkland owned by the City, not including easements held or used by the City.
   (c)   “Director” means the Director of Parks and Recreation as defined in Section 145.02 of the Codified Ordinances and his/her designee.
   (d)   “Fish or fishing” means taking or attempting to take fish by any method, and all other acts such as placing, setting, drawing or using any device commonly used to fish whether resulting in such taking or not.
   (e)   “Geocaching” means the recreational hunting for and finding of a hidden object by means of GPS coordinates posted on a website.
   (f)   “Inflatable” means an amusement device, used to bounce or otherwise play on that incorporates a structural and mechanical system and employs a high-strength fabric or film that achieves its strength, shape, and stability by tensioning from internal air pressure.
   (g)   “Motor vehicle” means any vehicle propelled or drawn by power other than muscular power.
   (h)   “Officer” means any Division of Police Officer.
   (i)   “Park” means any public land, controlled or operated by the Parks and Recreation Department of the City of Grove City, Ohio, for recreational open space or similar and related purposes.
   (j)   “Park waters” means any lake, pond, reservoir, stream, pool, channel, lagoon, or other body of water, or any part thereof, whether natural or artificial, located in or adjoining a park.
   (k)   “Person” means any individual, company, partnership, corporation or association or any combination of individuals, or any employee, agent or officer thereof.
   (1)   “Public parks leased or owned by the City” shall mean any place or area within Grove City upon which the public is invited or upon which the public is permitted and where children gather for play, including more limited areas used by the public such as restrooms, shelter houses and pavilions.
   (m)   “Recreational trail” means a public trail that is used for hiking, bicycling, ski touring, canoeing, or other nonmotorized form of recreational travel that interconnects City parks, wildlife areas, nature preserves, scenic rivers, or other places of scenic or historic interest.
   (n)   “Smoke” means burning, including the inhaling or exhaling of any lighted cigar, cigarette, pipe, weed, plant, electronic cigarette or cigar, vaporizer or other burning substance.
   (o)   “Smoke Free Zone” means an area located within a public park leased or owned by the City, which has been designated by the City as smoke free, including, but not limited to, playgrounds, restrooms, shelter houses and/or pavilions or other areas as may be determined by City Council from time to time.
   (p)   “Smoking materials” means any cigar, cigarette, pipe, weed, plant, or other smoking equipment in any form.
   (q)   “Vehicle” means every conveyance with wheels, treads, or other means of locomotion power.
(Ord. C01-16.  Passed 2-1-16.)