(a)   All full-time Village positions found in the Administrative, Finance, Community Development, Public Service and Public Safety Departments as more fully set forth in the list of positions attached to Ordinance 23-17 as Exhibit A and incorporated herein by reference and such other full-time positions as may be created from time to time, designated by Village Council, are hereinafter referred to as Employees.
   (b)   All Employees shall be hereby provided the following benefits each defined in subsequent divisions:
   151.02   Holidays
   151.03   Vacations
   151.04   Longevity
   151.05   Insurance
   151.06   Sick Leave
   151.07   Funeral Leave
   151.08   Hours of Work and Overtime
   151.09   Personal Leave
   151.10   Uniform/Clothing Allowance
   151.11   Occupational Injury Leave
   151.12   Retirement Separation
   151.13   Education Pay
(Ord. 23-17. Passed 11-15-17.)