(a)   Non-Safety Employees:
      (1)   On or before the 1st day of June each year, Employees who are required by the Employer to wear specific clothing items shall receive a clothing allowance in the amount of $400.00.
      (2)   The full-time Employees shall elect whether:
         A.   He/she receives a check made payable directly to him/her; or
         B.   He/she may purchase clothing directly from a vendor that invoices the Village of Greenfield directly, and the Village uses this allowance to pay for the clothing.
      (3)   Any Employee with unused clothing allowance shall receive a check made payable directly to him/her. The full-time Employee must make this election in writing to the City Manager no later than May 15th each year.
      (4)   In order to be eligible for any clothing allowance payment provided for in this section, the Employee must be employed on the date of distribution.
      (5)   Upon completion of thirty (30) consecutive days of employment, newly hired full-time Employees, who are required by the Employer to wear specific clothing items, shall receive an initial clothing allowance in the amount of four hundred dollars ($400.00). On or before the Employee's first anniversary date of employment, the Employee shall receive a pro-rate clothing allowance of four hundred dollars ($400.00) based on the time period between the Employee's first anniversary date and the next regularly scheduled distribution date.
      (6)   Clothing items specifically required by the Employer shall be purchased, maintained and worn by each Employee on each day he works. Failure to wear the proper uniform or clothing and/or failure to maintain the proper clothing in a clean and presentable manner and/or in proper repair shall be grounds for disciplinary action.
      (7)   Any patches or insignia required by the Employer to be worn on any clothing will be selected by and paid for by the Employer, and will be placed on the clothing by the Employee in a location and manner as required by the Employer. No other patch, button, or insignia may be worn without permission of the Employer.
   (b)   Safety Employees:
      (1)   Newly hired Employees will be provided with uniform/equipment items in a quantity and style as specified by the Employer during their first year of employment.
      (2)   On the first business day of each year, the Village will establish a purchase order in the amount of Seven Hundred Fifty Dollars ($750) per Employee, which will be administered by the Chief of Police. The Employee will use that account to replace equipment or purchase other equipment approved by the Chief of Police. The Chief will have the ultimate authority to dictate the quality, type, and condition of equipment/uniforms. The Chief of Police will also have inventory control. Any uniform allotment monies not spent or encumbered by the fiscal year end will revert back to the Village. The Employees may carryover one year's full uniform allotment ($750) to the following year. The Employee must make notification to the Chief of Police by December 1st of the prior year of their desire to carryover their full uniform allotment.
      (3)   Uniforms shall be of a style as specified by the Employer. Any additional required uniform or equipment items shall be supplied by the Employer at the Employer's expense.
      (4)   Employees may only use the uniform/equipment allowance for authorized items. To the extent possible, the Employer will prepare lists showing examples of authorized and unauthorized items.
      (5)   Dispatch personnel who are also auxiliary or reserve officers of the Greenfield Police Department may purchase police items authorized for sworn personnel in the Police Department, subject to the Chief's (or his designee's) approval. The Department will provide the necessary equipment for the Canine unit, which may be in addition to previously mentioned police equipment.
      (6)   The Employer shall provide protective body armor to police officers and sergeants which complies with the latest NIJ standards at the time of purchase and replace them upon expiration as determined by the Employer but no longer than every four (4) years. The Employer will also replace body armor upon notification by the Employee of any other damage in which the manufacturer would recommend replacement. Only body armor issued or approved by the Chief of Police shall be worn. Purchase and replacement of body armor will not be charged to the Employee's uniform allowance unless agreed to by the Employee. Employees shall be required to wear issued body armor while working patrol duties. (Ord. 23-17. Passed 11-15-17.)