151.02 HOLIDAYS.
   (a)   All Employees shall be entitled to the following legal holidays:
      New Year's Day      First day of January
      Martin Luther King Day   Third Monday in January
      President's Day      Third Monday in February
      Memorial Day         Last Monday in May
      Juneteenth         Nineteenth day of June
      Independence Day      Fourth day of July
      Labor Day         First Monday in September
      Columbus Day      Second Monday in October
      Veteran's Day         Eleventh day of November
      Thanksgiving Day      Fourth Thursday in November
      Christmas Day      Twenty-fifth day of December
   In addition, any other day so designated by an act of the President of the United States, the Governor of the State of Ohio and/or the Council of the Village of Greenfield.
   (b)   (1)   Non-safety Employees shall observe holidays falling on Saturday on the preceding Friday and holidays falling on Sunday on the following Monday. In observance of each authorized holiday, these Employees will be granted a day off from work, with straight time pay and shall be compensated at the rate of one and one-half (1.5) times their normal rate of pay for hours worked on any of the above legal holidays.
      (2)   In observance of each authorized holiday, safety Employees will be granted eight (8) hours of straight time pay. If an Employee is required to work on one of the recognized holidays, he/she shall receive time and one-half (1.5) for all hours worked in addition to his regular holiday pay earnings. Employees required to work such holidays shall have the option of compensatory time in lieu of the overtime hours.
   (c)   (1)   Non-safety Employees, after one (1) year of full-time employment, shall be entitled to a paid day off for the Employee's birthday. If the Employee's birthday falls on a day off, or if the Employee would want to take such day at another date, such paid day off will be considered a floating holiday. The paid birthday/floating holiday must be used within each calendar year (calendar year being January 1 through December 31).
      (2)   In observance of the National Police Memorial Day celebrated on May 15th, all Safety Employees shall be entitled to a paid day off. This day shall be considered a floating holiday and must be used within each one year period (one year being from May 15 through May 14 of the following year). In the event that National Police Memorial Day is declared a Holiday, this benefit will expire.
   (d)   All Employees in active pay status, as defined in Section 151.08(g), will receive holiday pay. An Employee who is not in active pay status the day before a holiday will not receive holiday pay unless the City Manager approves such absence and the resulting payment.
   (e)   If a holiday occurs during a period of paid sick leave or vacation, the Employee will be entitled to holiday pay and will not be charged for any sick leave or vacation that day.
   (f)   With prior notification and approval of the City Manager, an Employee may use vacation, a personal day, or take time off as unpaid for certain religious holidays not included in the regular holiday schedule. Sick leave may not be used for holiday observances.
(Ord. 23-17. Passed 11-15-17; Ord. 03-2022. Passed 5-16-22.)