151.06 SICK LEAVE.
   (a)   Sick leave shall be provided to Employees computed as follows:
   Sick leave credit shall be earned at the rate of 4.6 hours for each 80 hours of service in active pay status, as defined in Section 151.08(g).
   (b)   Sick leave may be used for:
      (1)   Illness or injury of the Employee or a member of his/her immediate family.
      (2)   Medical, dental, or optical examination or treatment of Employee or a member of his/her immediate family.
      (3)   If a member of the immediate family is afflicted with a contagious disease or requires the care and attendance of the Employee or when, through exposure to a contagious disease, the presence of the Employee at his/her job would jeopardize the health of others.
      (4)   The birth of a child and necessary recovery, or any appointments or absences necessitated by complications or medical needs during pregnancy. This provision shall apply to fathers who take leave to care for newly born infant children and to attend medical appointments during the mother's pregnancy.
   (c)   Definition of immediate family: spouse, child, step-child, parents, grandparents, brother, sister, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, daughter-in-law, son-in-law, father-in-law, mother-in-law, grandchild, a legal guardian or other person who stand in place of a parent (loco parentis).
   (d)   The Department Head may require an Employee to furnish a satisfactory written statement to justify the use of sick leave.
   Falsification of either a written signed statement or a physician's certificate shall be grounds for disciplinary action including dismissal.
   (e)   Notification when unable to report to work:
      (1)   When a Non-safety Employee is unable to report to work, he/she shall notify the City Manager or other designated person, within one-half (1/2) hour following the time he/she is scheduled to report to work on the first day of absence and each day thereafter.
      (2)   When a Safety Employee of the Police Department, exclusive of the Chief of Police, is unable to report to work, he/she shall notify the Chief of Police or other designated person, two (2) hours prior to the start of the scheduled work shift.
   (f)   All Employees shall, at the time of their retirement receive payment in a lump sum of one-fourth (1/4) of accumulated but unused sick leave. Such payment shall be based on the Employee's rate of pay at the time of separation. Retirement for purposes of this Section is defined as:
      (1)   Immediate ability to qualify for age and service retirement under OPERS or OP&F, or
      (2)   Where the Employee has ten (10) years of service with the Village of Greenfield, or
      (3)   Where an Employee is eligible to receive disability benefits (sometimes referred to as a "disability retirement") from his or her applicable state retirement plan and the Employee is approved for such benefits.
   An Employee may only convert sick leave to severance payment one (1) time with the Village under this Section, regardless of whether the Employee is rehired or otherwise returns to active Village employment. Payment for Sick leave on this basis shall be considered to eliminate all Sick leave credit accrued by the Employee at the time.
   (g)   The estate of an Employee who dies while still employed, and who has had ten (10) years of service with the Village shall be paid appropriate Sick leave separation pay in accordance with paragraph (f) of this section.
   (h)   Any Employee in an active work status, as defined in Section 151.08(g), and who does not utilize any of his/her Sick leave between January 1 through June 30 and July 1 through December 31 shall be entitled to one (1) Paid Absence Day per period; credited in July and January. Paid Absence Days off must be requested in the same manner as a Vacation request and are subject to approval based upon the work load requirements of the Department Head. Paid Absence Days must be taken within one (1) year of the date of earning. If not taken within one (1) year, the day shall be paid to the Employee.
(Ord. 23-17. Passed 11-15-17.)