1026.01   Definitions.
1026.02   Tree Commission.
1026.03   Authority of City over trees on private property.
1026.04   Treatment or destruction of trees on public property.
1026.05   Preservation and removal of trees on public property.
1026.06   Protection of trees during building operations.
1026.07   Moving of trees; cash deposit; bond; authorization by Council.
1026.08   Trees on public property overhanging public property.
1026.09   Trees on private property overhanging public property.
1026.10   Failure to trim; remedy of Village.
1026.11   Treatment or removal of infected or dangerous trees on private property; noncompliance; remedy of Village.
1026.12   Placing deleterious substances near trees.
1026.13   Use of stone, concrete or other impervious materials near trees; permit required.
1026.14   Electrical contact with trees.
1026.15   Allowing animals to injure trees.
1026.16   Obstruction of tree care.
1026.17   Planting or removal; permit required; reasons for denial.
1026.18   Permit applications and conditions; Council approval required for permits involving ten or more trees.
1026.19   Notice to property owners.
1026.20   Computation and collection of Village expenses.
1026.21   Assessment of costs upon failure to pay.
1026.22   Combination of assessments in one ordinance.
1026.23   Arborists' license; fee; proof of workers' compensation and liability insurance.
1026.24   Official list of street tree species to be planted.
1026.25   Spacing of street trees.
1026.26   Distances from curbs and sidewalks.
1026.27   Distances from street corners and fire hydrants.
1026.28   Costs of replacement.
1026.99   Penalty.
Dutch elm disease - see Ohio R.C. 927.39 to 927.42
Injuring vines, bushes, trees or crops - see GEN. OFF. 642.06
Weeds - see GEN. OFF. 660.14
Grass cuttings and leaves - see S.U. & P.S. 1060.07
Injuring vegetation in Willow Park - see S.U. & P.S. 1064.02