General Provisions
   33.001   Review of boards, commissions or committees
   33.002   Interdepartmental reporting of violation of ordinances, rules or regulations
Department of Public Parks
   33.020   Adoption of state laws governing Department
Department of Internal Audit
   33.030   Establishment
   33.031   Director of Internal Audit
   33.032   Audit committee established; responsibilities; membership; terms
   33.033   Auditing standards
   33.034   Responsibilities of Director and Department
   33.035   Audit reports
   33.036   Report of irregularities
   33.037   Contract auditors, consultants and experts
City Plan Commission
   33.050   Establishment; composition
Development Commission
   33.060   Establishment
   33.061   Appointment of Commissioners
   33.062   Organization; scope of powers
Housing and Neighborhood Development Services, Inc.
   33.075   Establishment; territorial jurisdiction
   33.076   Policy
   33.077   Purpose
   33.078   Composition
   33.079   Managing Director
   33.080   Terms of office of members
   33.081   Powers
   33.082   Vacancy in Board of Directors
   33.083   Executive Committee
   33.084   Use of funds or property for private benefit
   33.085   Dissolution
   33.086   Joint or cooperative projects
   33.087   Annual report of activities, expenditures
   33.088   Articles of incorporation generally; fees for organization
   33.089   Debarment of contractors
City Utilities Citizen's Advisory Committee
   33.100   Establishment
Mayor's Commission on Domestic Violence, Rape and Sexual Harassment
   33.120   Establishment
   33.121   Purpose
   33.122   Membership terms; officers
   33.123   Powers and duties
   33.124   Establishment of a special trust and agency fund
   33.125   Staffing
   33.126   Funding appropriations
Commission on African-American Males
   33.130   Establishment and membership of the Fort Wayne Commission on African-American Males
   33.131   Governing regulations of the Commission
   33.132   Duties and responsibilities of the Commission
Adult School Guard System
   33.150   Establishment
   33.151   Definitions
   33.152   Administration subject to approval of Mayor
   33.153   Adult school guards; requirements
   33.154   Use of stop signs; compliance required by pedestrians
Redevelopment Authority
   33.160   Establishment
   33.161   Board of Directors
Economic Improvement Board
   33.170   Establishment
Public Art Program
   33.180   Establishment
   33.181   Purpose and goals
   33.182   Definitions
   33.183   Public Art Commission established
   33.184   Responsibilities
   33.185   Membership; terms
   33.186   Meetings
   33.187   Funding sources and uses for the Public Art Program
   33.188   Giveback Program
   Department of Redevelopment, see § 30.06
   Emergency Medical Foundation, see §§ 112.75 et seq.
   Establishment of executive divisions (departments), see § 30.01
   Establishing separate Board of Public Works and Public Safety, see § 30.02
   Three Rivers Ambulance Authority, see § 112.77 et seq.