General Provisions
   93.001   Purpose; findings of fact
   93.002   Definitions
   93.003   Application of administrative adjudication and court review
   93.004   Exemptions
Unlawful Practices
   93.015   Discrimination prohibited
   93.016   Discrimination in employment
   93.016A   Employment discrimination against persons with disabilities prohibited
   93.017   Discrimination by labor organizations
   93.018   Discrimination in public accommodations
   93.019   Discrimination in education
   93.020   Other unlawful practices
   93.021   Limited powers for complaints of sexual orientation discrimination
Discrimination by Firms, Persons Under Municipal Contract
   93.035   Definitions
   93.036   Mandatory covenants
   93.037   Enforcement
   93.038   Remedies
   93.039   Copy of provisions to be included in contracts to constitute compliance
Human Relations Commission
   93.050   Establishment; membership; vacancies
   93.051   Qualifications of members
   93.052   Officers
   93.053   Death; incapacity or resignation of member; removal
   93.054   Powers and duties
   93.055   Responsibilities
Fair Housing
   93.065   Purpose
   93.066   Commission of discriminatory act because of familial status
   93.067   Definitions
   93.068   Sale or rental of single-family houses; rooms or units in certain dwellings exempt
   93.069   Religious organizations exempt
   93.070   Private clubs exempt
   93.071   Housing for older persons exempt
   93.072   Appraisals of property exempt
   93.073   Health or safety restrictions; other laws not affected
   93.074   Commission to administer
   93.075   Adoptions of rules
   93.076   Action on complaints alleging violation
   93.077   Delegation of powers and duties to Executive Director
   93.078   Cooperation with other entities
   93.079   Subpoenas and discovery provisions
   93.080   Acceptance of gifts and grants
   93.081   Discrimination in connection with sale or rental of dwellings prohibited; exception
   93.082   Notices, statements, or advertising
   93.083   Representations regarding availability of dwelling for inspection
   93.084   Representation regarding entry of certain persons into neighborhood
   93.085   Handicapped persons
   93.086   Loans or financial assistance
   93.087   Brokers organizations, services, or facilities
   93.088   Coercion, intimidation, threats, or interference
   93.089   Duty of Commission to investigate, file complaints, amendments, notices of discriminatory housing practices
   93.090   Answer to complaint
   93.091   Investigation of complaints referred by federal government
   93.092   Joinder of additional or substitute respondents
   93.093   Conciliation agreements
   93.094   Action for temporary or preliminary relief
   93.095   Final investigative report
   93.096   Determination of reasonable cause
   93.097   Finding of reasonable cause
   93.098   Dismissal of complaint
   93.099   Finding of reasonable cause precluded after commencement of civil actions
   93.100   Election to have claims decided in civil action
   93.101   Filing of civil action; intervention by aggrieved persons; granting of relief
   93.102   Hearing
   93.103   Order for appropriate relief
   93.104   Certain contracts, sales, encumbrances, or leases unaffected by order
   93.105   Respondents subject to licensing or regulation by governmental agencies
   93.106   Issuance and forwarding of orders
   93.107   Filing of action by aggrieved person
   93.108   Award of relief
   93.109   Certain contracts, sales, encumbrances, or leases unaffected by relief granted
   93.110   Intervention by the commission
   93.111   Filing of civil action
   93.112   Intervention in civil action
   93.113   Award of relief
   93.114   Attorney's fees and court costs
   93.115   Violation
   93.999   Penalty