§ 93.038 REMEDIES.
   Upon finding that a contractor or subcontractor or any person acting on behalf of such contractor or subcontractor has violated a provision or provisions of this section, whether discriminating, obstructing, retaliating, or otherwise, the Board of Works may:
   (A)   Deduct from the amount payable to the contractor by the city under such contract a penalty of not less than $10 per day per violation, nor more than $1,000 per day per violation. Each day on which a continuous violation exists shall be deemed a separate offense; or
   (B)   The Board of Works may cancel or terminate the contract, and all money due or to become due thereunder may be forfeited, for a second or any subsequent violation of this chapter.
('74 Code, § 15-17(d)) (Ord. G-34-78, passed 12-12-78)