§ 93.004 EXEMPTIONS.
   (A)   With respect to employment discrimination, employers of five or fewer employees are exempt from the provisions of this chapter.
   (B)   It shall not be deemed discrimination for any not-for-profit corporation or association organized exclusively for religious purposes or for any school, educational or charitable institution, owned, conducted or affiliated with a church or religious institution to devote its resources to its own religion or denomination or to give preference to members of such institution or educationally to promote exclusively the religious principles for which it is established or maintained.
   (C)   It shall not be deemed discrimination on account of handicap for any governmental agency or not for-profit corporation established for the purpose of offering or providing education, training or other social services and benefits to handicapped persons to devote its resources to such handicapped persons or to give a preference to handicapped persons with respect to such education, training or social services and benefits.
('74 Code, § 15-4) (Ord. G-21-78, passed 7-25-78; Am. Ord. G-22-00, passed 8-8-00)