(A)   The Commission shall have all powers that may lawfully be conferred upon it pursuant to the applicable provisions of Indiana law, including the power to:
      (1)   Investigate, conciliate and hear complaints;
      (2)   Subpoena and compel the attendance of witnesses or production of pertinent documents and records, and make use of such other discovery techniques as shall be necessary to complete investigations or conduct full hearings as provided for in IC 4-21.5 et seq., and Rule 28 of the Indiana Rules of Trial Procedure;
      (3)   Administer oaths;
      (4)   Examine witnesses;
      (5)   Appoint hearing examiners or panels;
      (6)   Make findings and recommendations;
      (7)   Issue cease and desist orders requiring remedial action;
      (8)   Order payment of actual damages, except that damages to be paid as a result of discriminatory practices relating to employment shall be limited to lost wages, salaries, commissions or fringe benefits;
      (9)   Institute action for appropriate legal or equitable relief in an appropriate court;
      (10)   Employ an Executive Director and other staff personnel;
      (11)   Adopt rules and regulations;
      (12)   Initiate complaints, except that no person who initiates complaints may participate as a member of the agency in the hearing or disposition of the complaint; and
      (13)   Conduct programs and activities to carry out the purposes of the Metropolitan Human Relations Commission provided for in this chapter within the territorial boundaries of the city;
   (B)   The Commission shall hold a regular meeting each month. All meetings and notice thereof shall be conducted in conformity with IC 5-14-1.5-1 et seq.;
   (C)   The Commission shall endeavor to keep itself fully informed concerning the studies and findings of private organizations in respect to the practices falling within the Commission's jurisdiction;
   (D)   The Commission shall render an annual report of its doings to the Mayor and to the Common Council, and shall render such other additional reports as the Mayor or the Common Council may from time to time request. The reports shall describe in detail the investigations and conciliation proceedings it has conducted and their outcome, the progress made and any other work performed and achievement toward the elimination of discrimination.
('74 Code, § 15-8) (Ord. G-21-78, passed 7-25-78; Am. Ord. G-30-96, passed 12-17-96; Am. Ord. G-31-96, passed 12-17-96)