Editor’s notes:
   Effective March 3, 2008, the town passed an ordinance to change the form of government to the Council-Manager format.
   Effective May 15, 2017, the town passed Ordinance No. 2017-006 to change the governing board from Board of Aldermen to Town Council.
   Section 1.      Body corporate; corporate name; corporate powers.
   Section 2.      Corporate limits.
   Section 3.      Town officers.
   Section 4.      Election of officers; eligibility.
   Section 5.      Elections under general law.
   Section 6.      Mayor and Council members to qualify.
   Section 7.      Council members to fill vacancies.
   Section 8.      Mayor to preside at meetings of Council members; to break ties.
   Section 9.      Council members to form one Council; meetings.
   Section 10.      Council members to pass ordinances, bylaws, rules and regulations.
   Section 11.      Powers.
   Section 12.      Bonds.
   Section 13.      Same; record; coupons receivable for dues to town; exempt from town tax.
   Section 14.      Same; special tax.
   Section 15.      Same; taxes kept separate; specific appropriation; application of surplus.
   Section 16.      Same; purposes of bond issues; apportionment of expenditures; annexed territory not liable for present debt.
   Section 17.      Same; bridges.
   Section 18.      Town Clerk and Treasurer and Tax Collector.
   Section 19.      Salary and duties of Town Clerk.
   Section 20.      Tax Collector.
   Section 21.      Police.
   Section 22.      Same; fees; temporary police.
   Section 23.      Same; suspension.
   Section 24.      Tax lists.
   Section 25.      Same; additions.
   Section 26.      Subjects of taxation.
   Section 27.      Council members to levy taxes.
   Section 28.      Tax to be collected by distress.
   Section 29.      Real estate to be sold.
   Section 30.      Improvement of streets and sidewalks.
   Section 31.      Equity of redemption.
   Section 32.      License taxes.
   Section 33.      Objects of taxation.
   Section 34.      Streets.
   Section 35.      Same; assessments.
   Section 36.      Cemeteries.
   Section 37.      Fire limits.
   Section 38.      Additional powers.
   Section 39.      Nuisances.
   Section 40.      Markets.
   Section 41.      Fines and penalties.
   Section 42.      How penalties recoverable.
   Section 43.      Salary of Council members.
   Section 44.      Violations of ordinances.
   Chapter 432.   Confederate Monument.
   Chapter 3.      Use of Power Plant Proceeds.g
   Chapter 38.   Qualifications of Officers.