Section 34. Streets.
   The Town Council shall have power to grade, macadamize and pave the streets and sidewalks, and to lay out, build and open new streets or widen those already open, and make the improvements thereon as the public convenience may require.  That when any land or right-of-way may be required for the purpose of opening new streets or for widening those already open, or for other subjects allowed by this charter, and for want of agreement as to the value thereof the same cannot be purchased from the owner or owners, the same may be taken at a valuation to be made by three freeholders of the town to be chosen by the Council members of the Town, after giving ten days' notice to the land-owner in writing; and in making the valuation the freeholders, after being duly sworn by the Mayor or other officer authorized to administer oaths, shall take into consideration the loss or damage which may accrue to the owner in consequence of the land or right-of- way being surrendered; also any benefit or advantage the owner may receive from the opening or widening of the streets or other improvement, and ascertain the sum which shall be paid to the owner of the property, or, if the benefits shall be greater than the damage to the property owner, shall report the amount of benefits to the property owner and report the same to the Town Council, and under their hands and seals, which report, on being confirmed by the Council and spread upon their minutes, shall have the effect of a judgement against the Town Council or land-owner, as the case may be, and shall pass the title to the Town Council in their corporate capacity of the land so taken; and in the case of the improvement being declared a benefit to the land- owner by the appraisers, as above provided, shall be a lien on the land of the owner for the amount of the sum so declared: Provided, that if any person over whose land the street may pass or improvement be erected, or the Council members, be dissatisfied with the value thus made, then in that case either party may appeal to the next Superior Court of Macon County, where the issues may be tried as appeals are from the Commissioners' court: Provided, however, that the appeal shall not hinder or delay the Council members opening or widening the street or erecting the improvement.  The Town Council shall further have power to cause the sidewalks to be curbed and paved, or repaired when deemed necessary:  Provided always, that the owner before whose lot the curbing or paving may have been ordered shall have 30 days' notice, in writing, of the order of the Council. (Pr. Laws 1905, C. 26, Sec. 29; Am. Ord. 2017-006, adopted 5-15-17)