Section 4.  Election of officers; eligibility.
   The officers of the Town of Franklin, consisting of a Mayor and six Council members, shall be elected by ballot in 1905, and biennially thereafter, and shall hold their office for four years or until their successors are elected and qualified.  Any qualified voter of this state shall be eligible to the office of Mayor, Council member or other officer of the Town of Franklin and entitled to vote in its municipal elections: provided he shall have resided within the corporate limits of the town for 90 days next preceding the day of election and shall be entered on the registration books according to the rules and regulations provided for in the following section. Provided further, that the above provision shall not apply to the Chief of Police, Marshal, Policeman, or other employees or officers elected, chosen, or em ployed by the Town Council of the town, but the Chief of Police, Marshal, or policeman of the town, or other officers or employees so chosen, employed, or elected by the Town Council, need not have resided in the town for the 90 days, or previous to the election or employment by the Council, and need not be a legal voter or resident of North Carolina. (Pr. Laws 1905, C. 26, Sec. 5; Pr. Laws 1915, C. 189, Sec. 2; Am. Ord. 2017-006, adopted 5-15-17)
Statutory reference:
   Residency requirements generally, North Carolina Constitution, Article VI