Section 38. Additional powers.
   The Town Council shall have power to prohibit or control the firing of firearms, firecrackers, torpedoes and other explosives, and to control the sale and manner in which the same may be kept in the Town; the pace and speed at which horses may be driven or ridden in the Town; the arrangement of all stovepipes and flues in buildings; the manner in which powder and other explosives and inflammable materials may be kept and sold; the manner in which dogs, hogs and other stock may be kept, and prevent them from running at large in the Town; to cause all alleys, lots, cellars, privies, stables and other places of like character to be examined by a sanitary officer to be appointed for that purpose.  It shall be their duty, on complaint, to cause by their order the sanitary officer to have the places cleaned and the nuisance abated, and the sanitary officer or other person appointed by the Council or charged with that duty shall have authority to enter the premises described to be in bad order and inspect and have the same cleaned; and the expense of having the same cleaned and of abating the nuisance shall be recovered from the owner by action of debt in any court having jurisdiction: Provided, the owner or occupier refuses to abate the nuisance after notice given by the sanitary officer. (Pr. Laws 1905, C 26, Sec. 32; Am. Ord. 2017-006, adopted 5-15-17)