General Provisions
   52.01   Inspectors and the like
   52.02   Permits required to connect with public sewers
   52.03   Classes of permits
   52.04   Sewer availability charge
   52.05   Rates and charges
   52.06   Statement of charges
   52.20   Interference with sewage system
   52.21   Depositing human or animal waste prohibited
   52.22   Discharging sewage or industrial wastes prohibited
   52.23   Draining rain or surface waters into sewer system prohibited
   52.24   Toilet facilities required
   52.25   Outhouses, privies and the like
   52.26   Building sewers
   52.27   Persons permitted to tap into city sewer line
   52.28   Plumbing work to be supervised
Regulation of Industrial Use of Sewer Facilities
   52.45   Recitals
   52.46   Establishment of strength charges
   52.47   Establishment of strength charge formula
   52.48   Strength charge payment
Regulation of Discharges into the Storm Sewer System
   52.60   Definitions
   52.61   Prohibitions
   52.62   Property maintenance
   52.63   NPDES permits compliance
   52.64   Prohibited discharge, action required
   52.65   Access to buildings for inspection, monitoring and/or dye testing
   52.66   Suspension of storm sewer system access
   52.67   Enforcement
Storm Water Utility
   52.80   Establishment of storm water utility
   52.81   Purpose of funds derived and allocation of revenue
   52.82   Storm water utility fee
   52.83   Appeals
   52.84   Exemptions
   52.85   Billings
   52.86   Recalculation of fees
   52.87   Storm water trunk area charge (STAC)
   52.98   Violations