General Provisions
   114.001   Definitions
   114.002   Owners and drivers distinguished
   114.003   Office of Inspector of Taxicabs is created
Licenses, Permits and Certificates
   114.015   Issuance or denial of license
   114.016   Schedule for hearing applications
   114.017   Duration; application for renewals
   114.018   Transferability of taxicab certificate
   114.019   Substitution of vehicles
   114.020   Failure to begin operations within 60 days
   114.021   Regularity of operation
   114.022   Revocation of taxicab business license upon failure to pay license fee
   114.023   Revocation of permit to drive, business license or vehicle for hire permit
   114.024   Waiting period after denial of application
   114.025   Police Department; record of licenses to own and permits to drive
   114.026   Information to be filed by owner
   114.027   Driver’s permit required
   114.028   Application for the driver’s permit; fingerprinting required for criminal records check
   114.029   Condition governing issuance of driver’s permit
   114.030   Fee; term; renewal
   114.031   Issuance or denial by inspector and term
   114.032   Information to appear on issued permit
   114.033   Display of permit while driving taxicab
   114.034   Driver’s manifest required
   114.035   Purchase of registration plate; inspector furnish DMV Form MVR-314
   114.036   Conditions governing issuance
   114.037   Temporary permit
Passengers and Drivers; Conduct
   114.050   Solicitation of passengers
   114.051   Restriction in number of passengers
   114.052   Accepting additional passengers
   114.053   Deception of passengers
   114.054   Lost articles
   114.055   Unauthorized passengers
   114.056   Compliance with passenger’s request
   114.057   Prior notice and payment of fare
   114.058   Conduct of driver and driver's appearance
   114.059   Name of owner to be permanently affixed on taxicab
   114.060   Information to be displayed for passengers
   114.061   Inspections of taxicabs
   114.062   Vehicle equipment
   114.063   Condition of taxicab
   114.064   Maintenance of taxicab
   114.065   Inspection receipt
   114.066   Issuance/display of taxicab sticker
   114.067   Rate of fares
   114.068   Reserved
   114.069   Use of tobacco products and other substances
   114.070   Authority for removal of taxicabs from streets
   114.071   Reporting accidents
   114.072   Sleeping, lounging or lying in taxicabs prohibited
   114.073   Travel to passenger location
   114.074   Advertisement billboards
   114.999   Penalty
Statutory reference:
   Insurance, see G.S. § 160A-304
   Power to tax and regulate, see G.S. § 20-37
   Registration, see G.S. § 20-87