General Provisions
   113.001   Purpose and intent
   113.002   Authority
   113.003   Validity
   113.004   Administration, enforcement, and amendment
   113.005   Definitions
Permits, Licences, and Zones
   113.020   Establishment of zones; boundaries
   113.021   Permits and inspections
   113.022   Permit for construction of tank batteries, booster pumps, compressor stations, and pipelines
   113.023   Permit requests for injection wells and secondary recovery programs
   113.024   Applicant for permit to post certificate of insurance
   113.025   Factors affecting consideration of permit
   113.026   City Council authorized to revoke or suspend permit; notice
   113.027   Specific acts constituting violation of oil and gas permit
   113.028   Annual license required
General Regulations
   113.040   Operator to notify city immediately of blowout
   113.041   Emergency shut down of locations
   113.042   ICC International Fire Code adopted by reference; provisions considered minimum requirements
   113.043   Annual submission of information to Inspector required
Technical Requirements
   113.055   Drilling operations; equipment
   113.056   Location of oil and gas wells, compressor stations, booster pumps, and the like
   113.057   Minimum well or hydrocarbon site and surface water protection
   113.058   Locations to be kept clean and free of weeds
   113.059   Requirements for drilling or production
   113.060   Electrical wiring to conform to city standards
   113.061   Artificial light near tanks or wells
   113.062   Accumulations of gas or vapors
   113.063   Pipe fittings
   113.064   Drilling below 3,000 feet
   113.065   Conductor casings
   113.066   Surface casing holes
   113.067   Placement of centralizers
   113.068   Blowout preventers and well control/automatic shutdown devices
   113.069   Use of separators
   113.070   Securing vent lines
   113.071   Improvement of site after drilling completed
   113.072   Operator to certify setting of well
   113.073   Earthen pits and dikes
   113.074   Standard for tanks
   113.075   Tank batteries, and the like, to be enclosed with earthen walls
   113.076   Fencing of tank batteries, booster pumps, pump jacks, and the like
   113.077   Use of portable oil pump
   113.078   Applicability of code to gathering and transmission pipelines
   113.079   Use of nonelectric motor-driven equipment and appliances
   113.080   Swabbing and bailing
   113.081   Fracture, acidizing, cementing, testing, logging, and other well servicing
   113.082   Flaring of gas
   113.083   Moving of drilling rig
   113.084   Abandonment of drilling or production site and related facilities
   113.085   Drives and driveways
   113.086   Height restrictions of permanent structures and equipment
   113.999   Penalty