Chapter 15
Motor Vehicles and Traffic
Part 1
General Regulations
§15-101.   Definitions and Interpretations
§15-102.   Manner of Adopting Permanent Traffic and  Parking Regulations
§15-103.   Temporary and Emergency Regulations
§15-104.   Experimental Regulations
§15-105.   Traffic on Streets Closed or Restricted for Construction, Maintenance or Special Events
§15-106.   Use of Streets by Processions and Assemblages
§15-107.   Authority of Police Officers
Part 2
Traffic Regulations
§15-201.   Maximum Speed Limits Established on Certain Streets
§15-202.   Maximum Speed Limits Established on Certain Bridges and Elevated Structures
§15-203.   Maximum Speed Limits Established for Certain Vehicles on Hazardous Grades
§15-204.   Maximum Speed Limits Established in Parks
§15-205.   Traffic Signals at Certain Locations
§15-206.   Intersections Where Turn Prohibited on Red Signal
§15-207.   One-Way Streets Established
§15-208.   Rotary Traffic Islands Established
§15-209.   Turning at Certain Intersections Prohibited or Restricted
§15-210.   Right Turns Only Permitted at Certain Intersections
§15-211.   U-turns Prohibited at Certain Locations
§15-212.   No Passing Zones Established
§15-213.   Through Highways Established
§15-214.   Stop Intersections Established
§15-215.   Yield Intersections Established
§15-216.   Play Highways Established and Authorized
§15-217.   Snowmobile Roads Designated
§15-218.   Restrictions on Use of Pushcarts
Part 3
Restrictions on Size, Weight and Type of Vehicle and Load
§15-301.   Vehicle Weight Limits Established on Certain Streets and Bridges
§15-302.   Restrictions on Size of Vehicles on Certain Streets and Bridges
Part 4
Stopping, Standing and Parking
§15-401.   Vehicles to Be Parked Within Marked Spaces
§15-402.   Angle Parking Required on Parts of Certain Streets
§15-403.   Parking Prohibited at All Times in Certain Locations
§15-404.   Parking Prohibited in Certain Locations, Certain Days and Hours
§15-405.   Parking of Trucks, Buses and Certain Other Vehicles Prohibited in Certain Locations
§15-406.   Parking Time Limited in Certain Locations Certain Days and Hours
§15-406A.   Parking Against Traffic Prohibited
§15-407.   Special Purpose Parking Zones Established; Parking Otherwise Prohibited
§15-408.   Standing or Parking on Roadway for Loading or Unloading
§15-409.   Penalty for Violation
Part 5
On-Street Metered Parking
Part 6
Off-Street Metered Parking
Part 7
Off-Street Unmetered Parking
Part 8
* * *
Part 9
Snow and Ice Emergency
§15-901.   Declaration of Snow and Ice Emergency
§15-902.   Parking Prohibited, Driving Motor Vehicles Restricted, on Snow Emergency Routes During Emergency
§15-903.   Snow Emergency Routes Designated
§15-904.   Penalty for Violation
Part 10
Regulation of Pedalcycles
Part 11
Pedestrian Regulations
Part 12
Engine Brakes
§15-1201.   Operation of Engine Brakes Declared a Nuisance
§15-1202.   Prohibition
§15-1203.   Use Permitted in Emergency Situations
§15-1204.   Penalties
Part 13
Skateboards, Scooters and Skates
§15-1301.   Skateboard, Scooter and Skates Defined
§15-1302.   Prohibited Locations
§15-1303.   Prohibited Times
§15-1304.   Obedience of Persons Engaged in Skateboarding, Scootering or Skating to Traffic Control Devices and Regulations
§15-1305.   Right-of-Way to Pedestrians
§15-1306.   Right-of-Way to Motor Vehicles
§15-1307.   Ramps and Devices
§15-1308.   Violations and Penalties