Chapter 18
Sewers and Sewage Disposal
Part 1
Public Sanitary Sewers
A.   General Provisions
§18-101.   Purpose and Policy
§18-102.   Definitions
§18-103.   Connection Requirements
§18-104.   Accessible Property
§18-105.   Connection by Borough
§18-106.   On-Lot Systems
§18-107.   Liability of Borough
§18-108.   Changes in Ownership or Tenancy
§18-109.   Service to Housing Developments or Isolated Buildings
§18-110.   Construction by Builder, Developer, or Business
§18-111.   Vacancy Rate for Sewer Rentals
§18-112.   Special Conditions
§18-113.   Changing Rules and Variances
B.   Schedule of Fees, Rents, and Surcharges
§18-121.   Permitted Fees
§18-122.   Sewer Rentals (User Fees)
§18-123.   Surcharges for Certain Industrial/Commercial Wastes
C.   Enforcement of User Obligations
§18-131.   Termination and Violations
§18-132.   Posting of Service Termination Notice
§18-133.   Notice of Termination; Telephone
§18-134.   Stay of Termination
§18-135.   Temporary Service Interruption
§18-136.   Notice of Termination–Landlord/User
§18-137.   Tenant and Borough Payment Agreement and Notification
§18-138.   Rules and Regulations Governing Service Termination
§18-139.   Penalties for Late Payment of Sewer Bills
§18-140.   Appeal Hearing
§18-141.   Enforcement
D.   Miscellaneous Provisions
§18-151.   Sewer Committee
§18-152.   Adoption of Rules and Regulations
§18-153.   Notices and Bills
E.   Rules and Regulations Governing Connection to the Sewer System
and the Acceptance of Residential, Commercial and Industrial Waste
§18-161.   Applicability and Administration
§18-162.   Application for Sewer Connection Permit
§18-163.   Issuance of Connection Permit
§18-164.   Permit Limitations
§18-165.   House Connection
§18-166.   Separate House Connection
§18-167.   Inspections Rights
§18-168.   Drainage into Sewer System
§18-169.   General Discharge Prohibitions
§18-170.   Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Requirements
§18-171.   Industrial/Commercial Waste Discharge Permit
§18-172.   Industrial/Commercial Agreements
§18-173.   Preliminary Treatment and Handling of Industrial/Commercial Wastes
§18-174.   Grease and Sand Interceptors
§18-175.   Sampling Procedures and Reporting Criteria for Industrial/Commercial Users
§18-176.   Accidental Discharges
§18-177.   Injunction Relief
Exhibit 18-1-E-A   Application for Sewer Connection Permit
Exhibit 18-1-E-B   Procedures for Procurement of an Industrial/Commercial Waste Discharge Permit
Exhibit 18-1-E-C   Industrial/Commercial Waste Acceptance Agreement
Exhibit 18-1-E-D   Industrial/Commercial Waste Discharge Permit
Exhibit 18-1-E-E   Wastewater Discharge Limitations and Monitoring Requirements
Part 2
On-Lot Subsurface Sewage Disposal Facilities
§18-201.   Title; Introduction; Purpose
§18-202.   Terms and Definitions
§18-203.   Applicability
§18-204.   Sewage Permit Requirements
§18-205.   Ground Markers
§18-206.   Replacement Areas
§18-207.   Inspections
§18-208.   Operation
§18-209.   Maintenance
§18-210.   System Rehabilitation
§18-211.   Liens
§18-212.   Disposal of Septage
§18-213.   Discontinuance of Individual Sewage System
§18-214.   Administration
§18-215.   Appeals
§18-216.   Penalties
Exhibit 18-2-A   Septic Tank Pumper’s Report
Exhibit 18-2-B   Property Owner Letter
Exhibit 18-2-C   On-Lot Disposal System (OLDS) Program Answers to Your Questions
Exhibit 18-2-D   Penn State Agricultural and Biological Engineering Fact Sheet