TITLE ONE -    General Provisions
         Chap. 101.   Codified Ordinances.
         Chap. 103.   Official Standards.
         Chap. 105.   Wards and Boundaries.
         Chap. 107.   Notification of Meetings.
         Chap. 109.   Boards and Commissions.
      TITLE THREE -    Legislative
         Chap. 111.   Council Rules.
         Chap. 113.   Ordinances and Resolutions.
         Chap. 119.   Appropriation of Property.
      TITLE FIVE -    Administrative
         Chap. 121.   Mayor; Director of Public Safety.
         Chap. 123.   Department of Finance.
         Chap. 125.   Department of Law.
         Chap. 129.   Police Department.
         Chap. 131.   Fire Department.
         Chap. 133.   Department of Public Service.
         Chap. 135.   Department of Utilities.
         Chap. 137.   Department of Industrial and Community Development.
         Chap. 138.   Urban Renewal.
         Chap. 139.   Department of Building and Zoning Inspection.
         Chap. 141.   Park and Recreation Board.
         Chap. 142.   Land Preservation Commission.
         Chap. 143.   Civil Service Commission.
         Chap. 145.   Traffic Committee.
         Chap. 149.   Ethics in Government.
         Chap. 151.   Employment Provisions.
         Chap. 153.   Compensation and Classification Plan.
         Chap. 155.   Claims Commission.
         Chap. 157.   City Tree Board.
         Chap. 158.   Telecommunications Advisory Committee.
         Chap. 159.   Citizen Housing Advisory Board.
         Chap. 160.   Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Advisory Committee.
      TITLE SEVEN -    Taxation
         Chap.   161.   Income Tax.
         Chap.    163.   Transient Accommodations Tax.
         Chap.  164.    Municipal Income Tax Effective January 1, 2016.
      TITLE NINE -    Judicial
         Chap. 171.   Municipal Court.
      TITLE ELEVEN-    Financial Procedures
         Chap. 181.   Contracts and Competitive Bidding.