General Provisions
   9.01.005   Penalties for violation of chapter
   9.01.010   Definitions
   9.01.015   Animals other than household pets; permit required; business exclusion
   9.01.020   Permit for dogs and cats
   9.01.025   Application for permit; appeal upon denial
   9.01.030   Animal experimentation prohibited
   9.01.035   Animals and fowl in or near certain establishments prohibited
   9.01.040   Bee keeping; permit required
   9.01.045   Riding or driving of horses or other animals upon public streets; exceptions
   9.01.050   Inconsistencies with Los Angeles County Code Title 10
   9.01.300   License required
   9.01.305   License fee; exemptions
   9.01.310   Definition of owner under dog licensing regulations
   9.01.315   Transient dogs exempted
   9.01.320   License tags
   9.01.325   Failure to produce animal or documents
   9.01.330   Dogs confined on private premises
   9.01.335   Dogs running at large; prohibition
   9.01.400   License voluntary
   9.01.405   License fee; term
   9.01.410   Definition of owner under cat licensing regulations
Adoption by Reference of Title 10 of the Los Angeles County Code - “Animals”
   9.01.500   Adoption of Los Angeles County Code Title 10
   9.01.505   Amendments to Title 10 of the Los Angeles County Code
Declawing of Animals
   9.01.600   Onychectomy (declawing) and flexor tendonectomy prohibited
Abatement of Animal Public Nuisance
   9.01.700   Purpose
   9.01.705   Definitions
   9.01.710   Unlawful to keep a nuisance animal
   9.01.715   Investigation by Culver City Animal Services
   9.01.720   Declarations to be filed
   9.01.725   Filing period
   9.01.730   Hearing and notice of hearing
   9.01.735   Determination and order
   9.01.740   Issuance of Administrative Order by the Administrative Hearing Officer
   9.01.745   Administrative penalties
   9.01.750   Administrative costs
   9.01.755   Appeal of Administrative Order
   9.01.760   Failure to comply with Administrative Order
   9.01.765   Civil action
   9.01.770   Not exclusive remedy
   Animals in parks prohibited, see § 9.10.055
   Off-Leash Dog Park, see §§ 9.10.400 and 9.10.405