General Provisions
   97.01   Owners and occupants to keep sidewalks in good repair
   97.02   Use of opening, stairway or trap
   97.03   Sidewalks to be kept free of snow, ice and other obstructions
   97.04   Riding animals or bicycles on sidewalks
Use of Streets by Public Utilities
   97.15   Permit required for construction or repairs
   97.16   Permit application; fee
   97.17   Emergency conditions
   97.18   Extensions or additions
   97.19   Exceptions and exemptions
   97.20   Liability
Sidewalk Construction and Repair
   97.30   Construction and repair responsibility of owner or occupant
   97.31   Construction specifications
   97.32   Required widths
   97.33   Resolution ordering work on sidewalk
   97.34   Inspection of sidewalks
   97.35   Notice to owner or occupant
   97.36   Service of notice
   97.37   Line and grade for sidewalks; noncompliance
   97.38   Report of Street Commissioner
   97.39   Time within which work shall be done; special assessment upon failure of completion
   97.40   Lien upon premises
   97.41   Board of Special Assessors to be notified of special assessment
   97.42   Enforcement authority of Street Commissioner
   97.99   Penalty
   Authority of Council as to streets and public places, see Charter, Section 7.2
   Public drinking, intoxication on streets and sidewalks, see §§ 130.06, 130.07
   Roller skates, toy vehicles and the like on streets, see § 72.01
   Snowmobiles prohibited on sidewalks, see § 73.04