§ 369.02 Restrictions for Habitable Rooms Below Grade
   No room which has its floor level below grade shall be occupied as a habitable room unless it conforms to the following standards in addition to all other requirements of this Housing Code for habitable rooms, except that no cellar space shall be used as a habitable room or a dwelling unit:
   (a)   The rooms shall have been designed and constructed, or legally converted to use as a habitable room.
   (b)   The walls and floor enclosing the room shall be maintained in such condition as to prevent the entrance of moisture into the habitable space.
   (c)   All required openings for light and ventilation shall be located entirely above the average adjoining grade. However, such openings may face upon an areaway or window well where the width of such well is not less than the distance from the bottom of the window to the finished grade at such window.
   (d)   The distance from the finished ceiling of such room to the average adjoining finished grade shall not be less than three (3) feet, four (4) inches.
(Ord. No. 68-A-67. Passed 4-3-67, eff. 4-5-67)