§ 603A.01  Findings
   It is hereby found that the animals listed in Section 603A.02, “Exotic Animal Defined”, are by their very nature wild and potentially dangerous. Exotic animals do not thrive in the care of untrained individuals or in substandard captive environments. Exotic animals are generally unsuitable as household pets. Exotic animals are often acquired without the owner being fully cognizant of the animal’s potential for dangerousness, or of its proper and humane care. It is further found that exotic animals have sometimes escaped in residential neighborhoods and constituted a threat to the safety, health and welfare of the general public. In consideration of the interests of exotic animal owners, the community at large, and the animals themselves, it is here by found that exotic animals, where permitted, should be regulated. In view of these interests, it is further found that persons that currently own exotic animals should be permitted to obtain personal possession permits for the animals if they are in compliance with the requirements of this chapter, but that no exotic animals other than those already lawfully kept in the City should be permitted.
   Documents that this Council considered in the adoption of this legislation are contained in File No. 536-01-A are hereby made a part of the legislative record of this ordinance.
(Ord. No. 536-01. Passed 6-3-02, eff. 6-10-02)