§ 483.09  Boat Livery Records; Safety Equipment on Rental or Charter Watercraft
   (a)   The owner or proprietor of a boat livery shall cause to be kept a record of the name and address of the person or persons hiring any watercraft, the identification number of such watercraft, the departure date and time and the date and time of return of such watercraft. Such record shall be preserved for not less than six (6) months after the departure date of such watercraft and shall be kept available for inspection by any duly authorized agency or authority. Prior to departure from the premises of such boat livery any such watercraft shall carry the equipment required by this Water Traffic Code.
   (b)   No person who lets watercraft for hire, or the agent or employee thereof, shall rent, lease, charter or otherwise permit the use of any watercraft, unless such person provides the watercraft with the equipment required by this Water Traffic Code, RC Chapter 1547 and rules issued pursuant thereto.
(Ord. No. 1684-76. Passed 6-29-76, eff. 7-6-76)