§ 405.12  Fee for Diverting Recovered Stolen Vehicles and Other Vehicles from Impoundment; Agreements Authorized
   A fee shall be charged to participants in a program established by the Director of Public Safety to divert, as an alternative to impoundment, recovered stolen vehicles, damaged or wrecked vehicles resulting from traffic accidents that are subject to impoundment under Section 405.02, and other classes of vehicles as determined by the Director, to the possession of an insurance company, the owner of the vehicle, or a third party acting on behalf of the insurance company or owner. The Board of Control shall establish a fee per vehicle to be charged to the participants in the program. The Director of Public Safety may enter into agreements to conduct a vehicle diversion program as described in this section.
(Ord. No. 1119-91. Passed 6-17-91, eff. 6-26-91)