§ 405.021  Ticketing and Impoundment of Vehicles by the Division of Parking Facilities
   (a)   The persons described in division (c) of this section may issue a parking infraction ticket when a vehicle is parked in violation of any section of these Codified Ordinances that section 459.01 defines as a parking infraction.
   (b)   A condition report shall be made in the manner described in Section 405.03 for any vehicle caused to be impounded by an employee of the Division of Parking Facilities. The original report shall be retained by the Division of Parking Facilities, and the copies shall be distributed as provided in Section 405.03. The employee causing the vehicle to be impounded shall stay on the scene until the vehicle is removed.
   (c)   This section shall apply to those employees of the Division of Parking Facilities whose duties include issuing parking infraction tickets or providing for the impoundment of vehicles. This section shall not affect the authority of any other City employee.
(Ord. No. 1484-90. Passed 6-18-90, eff. 6-27-90)